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The year is almost over, so get ready to say hello to 2015!  Here is the year at Real Married Life in review with the top 5 most viewed posts of the year.

For couples to have a healthy relationship, what is the amount of time they should spend together each week?

1.  How Much Time Should You Spend Together A Week?




Identity the issues that hurt your marriage to find healing

2.  Same Marriage, Second Chance





The junk food of relationships.  Venting is more dangerous than you think!  realmarriedlife.com3.  Is Venting Helpful?





Stop Asking Your Spouse How Their Day Was4.  Quit Asking Your Spouse How Their Day Was





Reminders about what actually makes us a good spouse | Marriage thoughts from realmarriedlife.com5.  Am I A Good Wife?




Hope you enjoy reading through them and celebrating the new year.  2014 has been challenging and wonderful, as life often is.  I’m looking forward to the new lessons ahead of us for the year. In the coming days, we are going to take some time dreaming about the direction of our marriage and family – what kind of people we want to be.  I hope you can take some time as well – for yourself and for your relationships – to dream about what they can look like after the progress of a year.

I’m looking forward to the posts I have planned for January, so check back soon!

Happy New Year!

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