To-Do List Monsters and Reality

Create a manageable week-at-a-glance plan instead of impossible to-dosI like being organized.  Okay, I love it.  I love being organized.  And I’m also pretty forgetful.  Therefore, keeping a to-do list is non-negotiable for me.  I have to know what’s going on, and I need to have something to keep me on track.

I kept a long running legal pad of my daily to-dos.  It was wonderful:  making the long list, checking it off, filling a page, then scratching out every last thing.

Except it seldom worked. [Read more…]

Financial Basics: Where Do We Start?

Advice from a financial advisor about getting your financial plan started.  Includes budget tools.This week I have a great guest article on an introduction to finances.  This article is from an anonymous contributor who is a Financial Advisor with great wisdom for couples to find a starting place in their financial plan.

I’m pleased to share this article about finances, why it’s important, and where to start [Read more…]

Organize Your Home Office

Organize Your Home Office:  take care of clutter and create a system that works best for you. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to run your marriage like a business.  There’s paperwork to be filed, mail to be opened, bills to be paid. . . It can become pretty overwhelming or cause lots of tension.  Many marriages are combinations of one spender and one saver, and when it comes to paperwork there’s a ‘pitcher’ and a ‘stasher’.  How can you work together as best friends instead of business partners?  Even if only one of you pays the bills or takes care of the mail, it’s important to have an organizational system that both of you understand and can use so that [Read more…]

Anticipation is Half the Fun

Countdown Printable from Anticipation is Half the Fun!We scrambled to pack the car and pulled away from home sure we’d left something behind.  The day of our getaway finally came, and we didn’t even feel that excited about it!  Our relaxing idea for a short getaway was ruined because the pace of our lives kept us too preoccupied to anticipate the coming weekend.  There has to be a better way to start our time together.

Too often, we plan a trip then get sucked in by life.  When we look at the calendar, it’s shocking to find, “Oh that’s next week?!”  Instead of looking forward to our getaway/date/vacation together, [Read more…]

Sync Your iPhone Calendars in 5 Minutes or Less

iphone4_home screen

This past year, we figured out how to sync our calendars on our iPhones.  Having access to each other’s calendars has saved many headaches. These are some of the ways we have found it helpful:

  • See what time a meeting gets over before you try to call
  • Set up dinners without having to check the calendar at home
  • Look ahead before planning a surprise
  • Schedule personal outings when you know the other is already busy
  • No delay for your spouse to find out you scheduled something

I have forgotten so many times to tell my husband about something that got scheduled, but when it shows up on his calendar he can see it anyway!  This keeps us communicating and organized.

So here’s what you need: [Read more…]