Introducing… The S Word

Submission series from | Interviews, stories, and ways to enjoy your role as a wife.I’m having a season of life where God is teaching me so many lessons. Often I find myself journaling, trying to extract the lessons I’m supposed to be learning in hopes I don’t miss them. My head is spinning most days trying to keep up with everything! It seems every aspect of my life is under painful refinement right now. My relationship with God. My eating and health habits. My identity issues. My relationships with family and friends. My role as a mom. And certainly my marriage. [Read more…]

Carissa + Travis: The Beauty of Marriage

Interview with Carissa:  The Beauty of Marriage | realmarriedlife.comI get the chance to meet some really special couples in my work as a wedding coordinator.  It’s one of my favorite parts of my job.  One of those couples, Travis & Carissa, just celebrated their first wedding anniversary, and I would love for you to meet them!  What I love about Carissa and Travis is how committed they are to one another and to starting their marriage in the right way.

I asked Carissa to share her thoughts with you about marriage lessons they have learned over this first year.  They have some great wisdom for couples in any stage – about seeking counsel, communication, accepting change, [Read more…]

Same Marriage, Second Chance

Recovering from an affair to craft a beautiful marriageWhen Debbie met Greg, she loved that he was successful, determined, hard working, and smart.  It seemed that he could fix anything.  Throughout their dating relationship she admired his incredible knowledge and financial wisdom.  After dating a couple of years, they married.

I met Debbie a couple of years ago.  Ever since then, I have admired her as an excellent communicator and teacher, active in ministry and committed to changing lives.  This is her story… [Read more…]