12 Months of Dates – Year Two of Date Night Envelopes

Christmas Gift of date envelopes:  12 months of date ideas for your spouseLast year, I shared a gift idea for your spouse you can use all year long – 12 envelopes with date ideas, coupons, and gift cards prepared for a year of dates.  Read the ideas from year one here.

To help you out this year, I have another list of 12 dates that we planned!  This is a great Christmas present that will come in handy the rest of the year.  I tried to [Read more…]

Marriage Holiday Help

Where did the year go?  December starts tomorrow.  Thanksgiving just happened, so I guess we will attempt to set up the Christmas tree soon!  Among all the laundry, diapers, and paperwork, right now all I have is a peppermint candle burning in the other room and Christmas music on Pandora.  For now, it’s enough to get us in the holiday spirit!

In effort to usher in the holidays at realmarriedlife.com, here are some links to past posts on the topic of holidays [Read more…]

Cross Family Thankgiving

Thanksgiving Idea and a reflection on thankfulness from realmarriedlife.comIn our living room sits an over-sized pink chair.  I like to think of it as red.  Maybe that’s because it helps me think of it as a piece fitting with our decor. . . rather than the old, college dorm, hand-me-down pink chair it actually is.  With a newborn, I spend plenty of time there these days.  To keep the days and nights from blending together, I move my camp from a grey chair in the nursery at night to the pink (“red”) chair during the day.  I spend several hours in that old chair every day. Even though more of those hours are spent learning about home renovations and contemporary furniture on HGTV than I would care to admit, for the most part my time in the pink chair is anything but exciting.  The days can be long, I can feel discontent, and the demands of life can get me down.

But on our living room wall, directly across [Read more…]

Christmas Gift: Year of Date Night Envelopes

Christmas Gift idea - 12 envelopes with invitations to pre-paid dates.  Includes ideas for 12 months.  realmarriedlife.comNeed a great Christmas gift idea for your spouse?  Give 12 months of dates!  In Affordable Date Nights, I mentioned creating date envelopes for the year.  Making it part of your Christmas budget will come in handy the rest of the year!  You can fill them with gift cards, coupons, or invitations to stay-at-home (free!) dates, making a gift that [Read more…]

Finding Purpose in Our Christmas Traditions

How can we find value in celebrating Christmas?The last couple of weeks, Ben and I have been talking about Christmas celebrations.  Honestly, it feels like they bring more distraction than joy.

Is it possible to remember the real meaning of Christmas if we still celebrate the normal way? [Read more…]

Get Through the Holidays with Your Sanity Intact

Advice for your marriage and family to make it through the holidays and enjoy celebratingHappy Thanksgiving!  If your life hasn’t sped up yet, it’s coming!  From Thanksgiving to New Year’s is a full and busy time.  And if you don’t plan ahead, your marriage and family will experience a chaotic rather than joyous time of the year.  From juggling schedules, budgets, family get-togethers, menus, and multiple parties, this stressful time of year can easily leave you in exhaustion.  But it doesn’t have to!  It can still be a relaxing and magical part of life, as long as you [Read more…]