Marriage E-Book

I stubbled across the writings of Tyler Ward after reading his marriage article featured on Relevant Magazine’s site.  The title is “3 Things I Wish I Knew Before We Got Married.”  The article is worth reading, but I would recommend a step further – the full (free!) e-book available on his site.

It’s called Rethink Marriage.  The book is a great resource for marriages, young and old.  He challenges our views of marriage’s perks and purposes, and backs it up with results from a social experiment conducted in his own home.  I think you’ll find it insightful for your view of marriage.

REthink Marriage Link

The book is free, available for download on his site,  You will need to sign up for his newsletter, which I only get every few weeks and love the blurbs about latest posts.  Follow this link for the book.

Check it out!