How To Fight Well In Your Marriage

Be Nice:  how anyone can fight well in their marriage with maturity and patience.  realmarriedlife.comThe secret – be nice to one another.  That’s it?  Yeah, that’s what I’ve learned.

Have you ever been around a couple in a disagreement that made you feel incredibly uncomfortable?  It’s not fun. Chances are they weren’t being nice.  Instead…

  • They raised their voices
  • Interrupted each other
  • Spoke sarcastically
  • Made fun of their spouse

When Ben and I dated, we rarely fought. Mostly, we were so infatuated it was hard to conceive of the other doing wrong. But that aside, Ben was great at leading us.  He never raised his voice, but addressed issues in concern for both of us. His example was easy to follow.  Our disagreements were calm and slow, allowing time to use our maturity. As time has passed, like any couple we’ve been challenged and failed at times.  So from experience, I can tell you it is worth the hard work in self-control and communication.  Seriously.

It’s easy to get distracted in a fight.  You want to be heard and defend your side.  You want an apology!  But what do you REALLY WANT more than that?  [Read more…]