The Right Fight

The Right Fight - how the armor of God impacts our marriageBen and I are fighting.  The last several months, it’s gone to a new level.

While God is healing me – soul and spirit – we feel a constant strain and struggle.  But the enemy isn’t one another.

I wrote about lessons God has taught me over the past couple of years.  But I also wanted to share what our specific spiritual journey has been lately.  God has pulled us up from the pit and restored us, but it hasn’t been easy.  We are learning to [Read more…]

Outward Submission, Inward Rebellion

Submission series from | Interviews, stories, and ways to enjoy your role as a wife.The Submission Series continues!  It is a privilege to share an incredible article with you from one of my dear friends and mentors, Darby.  I have spent many hours watching her parent, learning from her experiences, and enjoying her family.  She is a dedicated (and busy!) mom of five and marriage blogger.  She writes about her mistakes in an honest way and loves to help wives pray for their husbands. You can check out her blog and book at

You can read part two written by my sister about following when you are a natural leader.  And check out part one with 5 practical ways to submit from my friend Jenny. [Read more…]

You Might Be a Drama Queen If…

You Might Be A Drama Queen If... Help for marriages from realmarriedlife.comIn our relationships, it’s important to recognize what they thrive on.  For many, life is most satisfying in the midst of excitement and adventure!  This kind of person brings a lot of joy and energy to those around them.  They are always searching for variety in life (trying new food, vacations, fun competition, new family traditions, sight-seeing, etc.) to keep the relationship from getting stale or boring.  They have a very passionate marriage because [Read more…]

Is Venting Helpful? – Marriage Myths

The junk food of relationships.  Venting is more dangerous than you think!  realmarriedlife.comI used to think venting helped reduce the weight of a problem.  Sometimes you just need to blow off some steam, right?  Nobody should expect me to be courteous all of the time.  I need to complain behind their back so I don’t end up doing it to their face.

Then I realized that when I vented or complained about someone, it changed the way I interacted with them.  If I spent time griping or “blowing off steam” about someone, I always ended up treating them worse when I was around them later. Less respect, less patience, less love. . .  The very thing I thought could help drove a wedge between us.  I wasn’t actually dealing with the problem.  Instead I was focusing on [Read more…]

In-Law Round Up

It’s almost February, so the new year is in full swing!  It’s so nice that the holidays are over and life can go back to a normal schedule.  Big sigh of relief for everyone!  As far as our holiday season goes, we missed traveling to our relatives because we were traveling overseas during the break.  We took a ten day trip to Israel together, and it was an amazing experience to share together!

Israel Trip realmarriedlife.comHowever, it’s great to be back and start 2014 with all that it will bring.  After making it through the holiday season, I’m sure many of you have in-laws on the mind.  Making it through November and December comes with lots of time spent with relatives [Read more…]

Same Marriage, Second Chance

Recovering from an affair to craft a beautiful marriageWhen Debbie met Greg, she loved that he was successful, determined, hard working, and smart.  It seemed that he could fix anything.  Throughout their dating relationship she admired his incredible knowledge and financial wisdom.  After dating a couple of years, they married.

I met Debbie a couple of years ago.  Ever since then, I have admired her as an excellent communicator and teacher, active in ministry and committed to changing lives.  This is her story… [Read more…]