12 Months of Dates – Year Two of Date Night Envelopes

Christmas Gift of date envelopes:  12 months of date ideas for your spouseLast year, I shared a gift idea for your spouse you can use all year long – 12 envelopes with date ideas, coupons, and gift cards prepared for a year of dates.  Read the ideas from year one here.

To help you out this year, I have another list of 12 dates that we planned!  This is a great Christmas present that will come in handy the rest of the year.  I tried to [Read more…]

Date Night After Baby

How Soon Do You Have a Date Night After Having a Baby?We are celebrating the arrival of our baby girl Elliot!  This is our first child, so life is certainly an adjustment for both of us becoming mom and dad.  We had a wonderful birth experience, and you can read our birth story here.

When I was pregnant, I read First-Time Mom by Dr. Kevin Leman.  It was a wonderful resource, and I’m looking forward to re-reading it now that motherhood is here!  The book gives a challenge to parents to accomplish in the first ten days of their baby’s life – leave them.  The assignment is to go out with your spouse for some date time and work on your relationship – talk just about you.

So when [Read more…]

Christmas Gift: Year of Date Night Envelopes

Christmas Gift idea - 12 envelopes with invitations to pre-paid dates.  Includes ideas for 12 months.  realmarriedlife.comNeed a great Christmas gift idea for your spouse?  Give 12 months of dates!  In Affordable Date Nights, I mentioned creating date envelopes for the year.  Making it part of your Christmas budget will come in handy the rest of the year!  You can fill them with gift cards, coupons, or invitations to stay-at-home (free!) dates, making a gift that [Read more…]

Resources for Affordable Date Nights

Budget Date Night Resources:  Ideas for at-home dates, saving money, and budget-friendly fun

In my last post, I talked about the importance of regularly scheduling quality time with your spouse.  No, we don’t always follow the formula.  We really want to, but unfortunately it can’t always happen.  But one of the excuses I never want to believe is thinking we don’t have enough money to make it work that often.  Here are ideas and resources for making a weekly date night affordable (or free!).  Also check out the Dates page on Real Married Life for other ideas [Read more…]