Buying A House – Part One

Starting place for first-time homebuyers.  Tips for starting the processWe are in the process of closing on our first home!  It’s been a journey of lots of research and loads of paperwork, but we are less than two weeks away from becoming homeowners!

The two things I’m most excited about:  having a garden and our own washer and dryer.  It’s been almost three years of coin laundry (plus the four years before of doing laundry in my college dorm), and I can’t believe how excited I am about that laundry room.

Throughout the process, we have learned [Read more…]

Resources for Affordable Date Nights

Budget Date Night Resources:  Ideas for at-home dates, saving money, and budget-friendly fun

In my last post, I talked about the importance of regularly scheduling quality time with your spouse.  No, we don’t always follow the formula.  We really want to, but unfortunately it can’t always happen.  But one of the excuses I never want to believe is thinking we don’t have enough money to make it work that often.  Here are ideas and resources for making a weekly date night affordable (or free!).  Also check out the Dates page on Real Married Life for other ideas [Read more…]