How You Can Help Your Credit Score

What You Should Know About Your Credit Score: Easy steps to raise your credit score and keep it from costing you money.  Article series from realmarriedlife.comYou know the weight of your credit score.  You have some good knowledge about what it means, so now you are ready to take action and help your credit score!  What to do first?

1. Review Your Credit Report

In Part One of this series, I shared how to get your report.  Now make sure everything is correct!  In an interview with Jeff Rose, Philip Tirone states that 80% of Americans have an error on their credit report.  That’s why it’s important to monitor these things.  I hear it’s not uncommon for card companies to [Read more…]

What You Should Know About Your Credit Score

What You Should Know About Your Credit Score:  Easy steps to raise your credit score and keep it from costing you money.  Article series from

Meaning of Credit Score

How do you get a credit score? The piechart breaks down the scoring areas, but I like to picture it a little differently.

Credit bureaus want to see that you’re responsible when you have access to lots of money.  So even if you are REALLY responsible, but have one credit card with a small limit, your score won’t be at its full potential.  You need to have access to lots of money (3-5 cards are recommended, avoid department store cards), then prove you are not a risk! [Read more…]

Why Your Credit Score Matters

Why Your Credit Score Matters:  simple explanation about credit score information and how to easily improve it.  realmarriedlife.comWhy do you need to know about your credit score?  Because  your credit score could save or cost you thousands of dollars.

If you like getting deals, then you probably have a mall retail credit card, just like me.  Then, at some point to keep from having numerous or unused cards, you have probably closed a few cards, just like me. But when researching about buying a home, I stumbled across some crazy information about your credit score.  I found that those were both mistakes that hurt my credit score!

Fact 1:  The number of credit accounts (both opened and closed accounts) and the age of those accounts impacts your credit score!

Fact 2:  Your credit score dictates the amount of interest you will pay for a mortgage – like tens of thousands of dollars! Check out this loan calculator to see for yourself. [Read more…]

Movie Date Night Box

Movie Date Night:  Idea for a stay-at-home date in a box.  Cute idea with ways to save money!

Round up a few items for a simple date night idea. This idea turns an ordinary evening in front of the television into a special (and inexpensive) night of fun together.  Fill your movie night box for less than $10!

Start with a shoe box…

If you don’t have an extra, you can get a photo storage box for a few dollars at craft stores.

Use this cute printable to [Read more…]

Luau Date Night

Create a relaxing evening to remember with this luau date night!  Transform your room into a tropical escape with a few supplies and fun food.  This is one of the best date nights we have had together. Come dressed ready for a romantic stay-at-home getaway.

For the Decor

Save money by using decorations you may already have at home!

  • Beach towels: Great for table cloths or rugs
  • Ferns or dried grass stems
  • Display a pineapple on a cake platter
  • Air mattress or floor lounge pillows
  • Paper lanterns:  Here are some really cute ones in tons of colors from Oriental Trading.  A set runs $10-15.
  • Tropical Photos: Use a calendar, pictures from your travels, or photos from travel brochures.
  • Aloha Nui Loa: This cute sign means “very much love” in Hawaiian.  Download the free printable[Read more…]

Couponing… The Realistic Way

Guide to Realistic Couponing |

It’s time to accept it. Couponing really does save lots of money!  But if you’re like me, you’re reluctant because…

  • You don’t have lots of free time to sacrifice
  • You don’t want a garage-sized stock pile of junk
  • You have no interest in rescuing coupons from the dumpster

I found a way to avoid all of those things!  With coupons, we save about $30-40 a month and I only spend about an hour total – normally in front of the TV.


So here is my short secret to keep it practical… [Read more…]