Loving Again: Lessons from Dustyn & Heather

When Heather Hite changed her name to Heather Denny, her world changed.  I had met Heather a couple years earlier and knew that she was beautiful, magnetic, and ready for the future.  But when her husband passed away, her world changed again.  This young woman, just years out of high school was suddenly a widow.

Like many others in her situation, Heather thought she would never marry again.  So when Dustyn Miller came into the picture, she was completely caught off guard. And when Heather Denny changed her name to Heather Miller, her world changed all over again.  The couple got engaged and married in 2012 and are expecting their first child this year!  Their story is an example for other couples approaching engagement and those looking to strengthen their marriage.  Together they found a love that will last, based on a strong and carefully crafted foundation.

Loving Again:  Marriage lessons from a widow in her twenties who found love again.Here’s how they did it: [Read more…]

How to Create a His and Her Bedroom

Creating a His & Hers Bedroom:  tips to decorate your bedroom for both of you.  There’s something you should keep in mind when you are decorating. . . Your husband doesn’t want to sleep in a little girl’s bedroom.

It may seem like you care more about the decor than he does.  However, there’s something special I have to keep in mind when it comes to the bedroom. It’s not my bedroom.  It’s OUR bedroom. And too many times, [Read more…]

Grand Opening

Great website with ideas, interviews, and advice for marriage.  The mission of this blog is to strengthen relationships and encourage spouses on their journey.  reallmarriedlife.com I am so thrilled that this time has come to share the dream of this website! The mission of  Real Married Life is to strengthen marriages and encourage spouses with advice, creative ideas, and interviews all about married life.

This summer has some great posts in store.  Continue to check back for these topics coming soon:

  • How to decorate your bedroom for BOTH of you
  • An interview with Katie Berry about overcoming crisis together
  • How to keep your marriage thriving when you move to a new city – interviews with women from all stages of marriage
  • Easy ways to entertain and offer hospitality
  • Plenty of Date Night ideas and even some recipes special enough for a fancy night at home!

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“Cooking School” Date Night

Plan a culinary date for a nice dinner at home!  Fix a date bag full of recipes ideas and date plan.  Includes recipe links and a printable.  realmarriedlife.com Here is a fun idea for the couple who wants to bring the Food Network home: plan a cooking school date for your own kitchen.    Let’s get cooking!

Date Preparation

  1. Pick a few varying recipes on your level of difficulty, preferably something special that takes a little more time.  Print them off and put them in a gift bag. [Read more…]

DIY Anniversary Memory Jar

DIY Anniversary Memory Jar:  make and KEEP your memories from each year of marriage.  Includes instructions for tinting glass jars.  Idea from realmarriedlife.comEvery year of marriage brings lots of great memories and opportunities.  Chances are, you only recall a few.  So each year, your anniversary is a great time to remember all that the past year brought you as a couple!

Never forget a memory by creating an anniversary jar!  I keep pieces of paper handy, and anytime something happens that we want to remember, [Read more…]

Asian Date Night

Relax on this fun Asian Date Night that ends with a fun twist on Chinese take-out! | realmarriedlife.comYou (and your husband!) will love this version of Chinese take out at home.  Set up a nice Asian dinner on your living room floor.  If you’re up for cooking, I included my recipe for Lettuce Wraps.  Then finish the date with take-out containers! [Read more…]