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Organize Your Home Office:  take care of clutter and create a system that works best for you. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to run your marriage like a business.  There’s paperwork to be filed, mail to be opened, bills to be paid. . . It can become pretty overwhelming or cause lots of tension.  Many marriages are combinations of one spender and one saver, and when it comes to paperwork there’s a ‘pitcher’ and a ‘stasher’.  How can you work together as best friends instead of business partners?  Even if only one of you pays the bills or takes care of the mail, it’s important to have an organizational system that both of you understand and can use so that paperwork doesn’t clutter your dining room table or kitchen counter.  You are in charge of the paperwork, the paperwork is not in charge of you!

Here are some ideas to keep you organized:

  • Appoint one day a week to be paperwork day.  Whatever you can put off until then, gather it together until you can conquer it at once.
  • Label stacking trays or napkin holders to sort mail (needs attention, needs to be filed, needs to be mailed, etc.)
  • Buy lots of folders and a label maker so everything has a file, and get as specific as you can- vehicles, banks, each type of insurance, warranties, each tax year, etc.  The faster you can file something, the more likely you will do it.
  • Store receipts in a binder.  I use one page protector per month.
  • Contain the paperwork clutter to one space only – pick the area then make everywhere else in the house off-limits.
  • Ask some organized friends for their ideas, then decide which methods work for your specific needs.

When everything is labeled, it makes it easy for both of you to use the system.  The more you can help each other with organizing the family, the better.

So here’s my project for this week!  I was telling Ben how much I would love a space just for me to work and write, but I really didn’t want to spend much money.  The next day, we drove past a desk sitting on the side of the road.  (Perfect price!)  It was an old, kind of dilapidated piece of laminate furniture, and it needed quite a bit of care before I could bring it inside.

Before and After home office space redo.  DIY project on painting furniture and creating systems of organization

Favorite tutorials on painting and finishing furniture.  Includes article with office organization ideas.


Here are some great DIY articles I found
about refinishing furniture:



Glazing Furniture 101
by All Things Thrifty


Glaze or Wax?
by Southern Charm Designs

Organize Your Home Office:  ideas for methods to sort your paperwork and stay on top of your clutter.


After finishing the desk, I made a command wall on canvases — systems to file receipts, notes, and paperwork until I can take care of it one day a week.  Everything is put away in binders, easy to store, and organized so we never overlook a bill or deadline.


After just a couple of days, we have already felt more organized and less stressed by piles of paper with nowhere to go. It’s helpful to both of us that we each have our own space to work in, and it’s helpful to our marriage to know where everything is and what we’re going to do with it.

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