Necessary Replacements

Series from RMLI’m embarking on a new season of blogging for a short while.  It’s going to be tough.  And different from my norm.  It’s going to be completely from my personal life!  I really like posting about marriage tips and interviews on here, partially because it’s comfortable and uplifting.  (Which I will still continue – I have to finish up that Submission Series, even though summer is officially over!…better late than never.)  However, I’m trying something new,  I’m preparing to share my struggles and sins that I’m uncovering in this life phase.  I’m calling it Necessary Replacements…What I’m replacing in my life.

It’s for a few reasons, really…

  • I need to chronicle my lessons and see what God is doing.
  • My sin will die when it is brought into the light.
  • I need to get over my fear of others seeing my weakness.
  • I think the best way I can encourage others right now is by sharing in the most authentic and genuine way I can.

Our life right now doesn’t look how I expected.  Our 1 year old has allergies, digestive issues, and severe eczema, and I have some of the same issues too.  It literally controls our every waking moment…but we are getting better!  Not only physically, but also spiritually and emotionally.  This season is refining me:  painfully slow, but I think know it will be worth it.

Tomorrow starts with Replacing Jealousy!  I’m nervous to actually reveal what a terrible person I am… Hopefully it convicts me and you both and my honesty can help us all.

Also read my mother’s day post for a bit of “real life” from our family.

In this series:  Jealousy . Anger . Entitlement

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