Favorite Things for a Newborn

Must Have Items for a Newborn:  My favorite baby thingsEven though we’re still very new parents (right at 3 months), I would love to share my favorite newborn baby items – a few unconventional.  These would make great Christmas presents if you need ideas!

Here are the top 20 things I recommend.  However, don’t make this one more thing to feel guilty about!  You’re actually not allowed to read the list unless you read my letter to new moms.  But once you do, this list may be helpful.  I know I run the risk of being more advice to confuse you, but I also want to pass along these because without someone telling me about them, I would never have known!

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Mom & Baby Gear

Exercise Ball:  This is my #1, must have baby item.  I’ve tried all the tricks, and nothing calms a fussy baby like bouncing them on a ball.  When I’m having trouble getting her to sleep, this is what works.  I think this should be on everyone’s baby registry!


Baby Carrier:  I love babywearing and it really reduces fussiness!  I love using the Moby Wrap for smaller babies.  We also have an Ergobaby that Ben uses all the time, and I plan to use myself when she’s older.  We got the performance model (and infant insert) because of the breathable mesh and the size adjusts to fit both of us.  I know carriers are pricey, but you will use them a long time, and it makes life SO much easier.

Cup with straw:  Avoid dehydration by having a large cup with a straw makes getting enough water simpler for you.  This mug is great because it’s 34 oz and has the tapered bottom for a travel cup holder.  It would also be a good idea to have a 52 oz mug for less refills.  I have a pack of Reusable Straws too.


Tower Fan:  This one is what we use for white noise for sleeping.  It serves two purposes, so if it holds up after having babies – we still have a fan!  It has 5 different speeds and a remote control.  You can also oscillate the fan and set it on a timer.


Swaddle Blankets:  Every article I read said you needed these aden + anais blankets.  Then I saw the price, and decided we could live without them.  Well, my mom gave us a couple, and everyone was right!  We now have 6 and use them all the time.  They stretch well and breathe well.


Nursing Pillows:  I keep a Bobby in the car, and a Brest Friend at home.  I also have a couple of extra slipcovers so I don’t have to do laundry right away.  The one I linked to is a deluxe cover that still fastens with a buckle, but can adjust with Velcro also.


Recliner: I have spent way more hours sleeping in this chair than I would care to count.  But I am very glad that we have a nursery gilder/recliner that is so comfortable since I spend so much time in it!  I’m actually writing this post from it right now.  We also like that it is a piece of furniture that could be in our living room someday.


Rock n Play:  When we brought our baby home, we used this in our bedroom in the beginning. Now she plays in it when I need to set her down.  It takes up very little space when used, and I love that it folds up almost flat.  We recently went on a long trip, and this fit it in our car trunk perfectly.


Baby Jogger City Elite:  I love love LOVE our stroller.  After trying out several strollers in my years working as a nanny, this was my favorite.   The Elite works as a jogging stroller (front wheel can lock in swivel or straight position) without being too bulky for everyday.  It also works in rough terrain like gravel with “always-inflated” tires.  It rolls so easy I can use one hand to maneuver it.


Health & Body

ProbioticsThese are allergen-free and made for infants from the first day of life.  Our baby has a milk allergy, and many strands of lacto-bacteria are grown on dairy.  Probiotics are needed for boosting the immune system, after using antibiotics, and helpful when dealing with thrush.


NoseFridaThe “bulb suckers” are great for their mouths, but are much more invasive and can damage their delicate noses.  And I promise, this really isn’t as gross as it seems.


Burt’s Bee’s Products:  I use everything that comes in this full size set, but my favorite is the Diaper Ointment.  It’s the only thing that clears up some diaper rashes, and it’s the thickest stuff I can find.


Coconut Oil:  This brand is our favorite – especially for cooking – it’s really smooth and creamy.  I use this in place of Vaseline for diapers, lanolin ointment, or lotion.  It’s great because it’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.


Chiropractic Care:  Adjustments are great for babies to help with reflux, ear infections, sleep, colds, you name it.  One day Elliot seemed to have an ear infection and had difficulties eating.  It turned out her neck was just severely out of alignment! After an adjustment, she was fine.  I love our chiropractor!  If you’re in the Louisville area, you should check her out for really affordable care.


Baby Binder:  This was a great baby shower present to help me organize everything.  It’s full of feeding/diapering logs and page protectors.  I store all the pediatrician information, paperwork, and product warranties here.

Wonder Weeks App:  This personalized app tracks your baby’s mental development and growth spurts.  It gives you signs to look for, ideas to engage your baby, and ways to help them through each fussy stage.  If she’s fussier than normal or regressing in sleep, the app normally shows her in a “stormy” week.

I love this website, and it’s where I start when I have baby questions.  I rely on it so much!

The 90 Minute Baby Sleep Book:  After Elliot came out of that newborn fog, she quit napping and just spent most of the time fussy and sleep deprived.  A friend let me borrow this, and it has helped!  It doesn’t work all of the time, but what does?  It helps you track your baby’s napping to figure out the best time to get them to sleep.


Dunstan Baby Language DVD:  You’re going to think I’m crazy. . .so. . .my baby says “words” when she cries, and I can understand her.  If you’re like most moms of newborns, you will try anything.  Try this!  It is designed for 0-3 months.  This has been so helpful and so empowering – teaching us how to listen and what to do to help!  Pricilla Dunstan also has a book.  Watch this video clip if you need more convincing.

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  1. What a great list Jo! Haven’t heard of some of them especially the Dunstan Baby Language, but I totally get it. Reading your baby is so important and gives you all the confidence you need in parenting. Glad to hear you’re enjoying motherhood! Jenny xx
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