How To Stay Married When You Move – Part One

How To Stay Married When You Move:  Advice from several women about how to deal with the issues that arise when you move to a new city.  realmarriedlife.comMoving to a new city is really difficult. It probably won’t leave you actually wanting to end your marriage, but it’s a really challenging time!  Take this stress survey that ranks stressful life events, and you will find that moving to a new city ranks extremely high because it combines changes in your professional, social, and family life.

We experienced this the day after our college graduation, when we drove a moving truck nine long hours to our new home.


So here was our stress list:

  • Change in residence (20)
  • Graduating school (26)
  • Spouse stops work – me (26)
  • Change to a different line of work – Ben (36)
  • Change in church activities (19)
  • Change in recreation (19)
  • Change in social activities (18)
  • Change in number of family visits (15)

And five months before that we were married (50), honeymooned out of the country (13) moved out of the dorms and into our apartment (25), and celebrated Christmas (12).   In one week.  So within a few months, that’s a grand total of 279. Does your list look something like this? The impact of moving to a new city is not something to underestimate in your marriage — whether you’re newlyweds, empty-nesters, or living in between.

So how can you keep your marriage strong?

It’s not easy, and it takes one small decision at a time to keep your head above water.  However, I know many marriages that have thrived and flourished because they had the opportunity to move to a new city with a new start.

Moving to a New City:  how to help your marriage thrive in transitional timesLearn from some incredible women this week who moved at all stages of life.  I am pleased to know these women who have done this before and have better marriages because of it!

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