Movie Date Night Box

Movie Date Night:  Idea for a stay-at-home date in a box.  Cute idea with ways to save money!

Round up a few items for a simple date night idea. This idea turns an ordinary evening in front of the television into a special (and inexpensive) night of fun together.  Fill your movie night box for less than $10!

Start with a shoe box…

If you don’t have an extra, you can get a photo storage box for a few dollars at craft stores.

Use this cute printable to cover the top of your movie box.


Gather everything you need for an inexpensive movie date night home!  Easy idea from

Fill it with…

  • Drinks – for extra fun, I found glass-bottled Coke from the Latin food section of the grocery store. $1 each.
  • Snacks – dollar candy boxes.
  • Microwave popcorn – $1.50
  • Popcorn novelty containers – these are from Kroger for $3. I also found some at Bed Bath & Beyond for a similar price. (Sign up for BBB email and direct mail coupons here – I always have something valid for their store.) You could also use brown paper lunch bags.
  • Redbox Rental – get a free rental by finding the latest coupon codes. They only work one time per email address. Don’t forget to return it by 9 pm the next day!

Get ready for your date night this weekend!

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