Communication, romance, encouragement, unconditional love – it’s all important to have a strong, lasting marriage.  It is a constant process that needs a lot of effort.  Find posts here about strengthening your relationship together.

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How To Fight Well In Your Marriage:

The smallest discovery that made the biggest difference.


Welcome Home, Honey! - A marriage article with ways to show your spouse value and affection the moment they walk in the door.

Welcome Home, Honey!:

Ways you can welcome your spouse that give attention and value to start your evening off right.


Moving to a New City:  Advice from several women about how to deal with the issues that arise when you move to a new city.

How To Stay Married When You Move:

This four-part series includes interviews from women who have moved to new cities many times.  Learn from Jessica, Winona, Jenna, Heather, and Stephanie.


Normal is what you make it.  Don't let mean or immature arguments define your marriage
Can We Redefine Normal? Fighting In Marriage:

Avoiding negative behavior in disagreements and choosing to argue well.


Mistakes you may be making in how you speak about your husband to others and in front of him
How To Treat Your Husband In Public:

Ways we can wreck our marriages and how to communicate respect to him.


Gender Stereotypes and how they can cripple your marriage

 What Nobody Told You About The Difference Between Men and Women:

How gender stereotypes can cripple your marriage.    


For couples to have a healthy relationship, what is the amount of time they should spend together each week? How Much Time Should You Spend Together A Week?

Part one deals with risks and rewards for couples and their quality time habits.

Part two is titled: When You Don’t Have Enough Time For Each Other  

You Might Be A Drama Queen If... Help for marriages from

 You Might Be A Drama Queen If…

Learn to identify how to use  conflict to better a relationship, not to escalate a situation for the wrong reasons.


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