To-Do List Monsters and Reality

Create a manageable week-at-a-glance plan instead of impossible to-dosI like being organized.  Okay, I love it.  I love being organized.  And I’m also pretty forgetful.  Therefore, keeping a to-do list is non-negotiable for me.  I have to know what’s going on, and I need to have something to keep me on track.

I kept a long running legal pad of my daily to-dos.  It was wonderful:  making the long list, checking it off, filling a page, then scratching out every last thing.

Except it seldom worked.


Creating a Manageable Week-At-A-GlanceThe list never got finished, and at any given moment I knew 20 different things I wanted to get accomplished.  My list was always too long, had no sense of priority, and never got checked off.  I never felt the reward of finishing a list.  Honestly, it stressed me out!  Everyday when the list still had more to finish, I felt like I failed.

It was time for a new system.  I’ve always heard it’s good to break down tasks and goals in categories:  daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.  I finally bought in.  I couldn’t deal with a jumbled list for much longer.

Keep your to-do list from killing you.I changed my plan to a pinterest-like system… yes, it’s dry-erase on a picture frame.  But the best thing I like about my new weekly schedule, is that each day only has room for a handful of tasks – much more realistic!  Not to mention, much easier to prioritize.  It’s much smaller than a legal pad per day, and it’s much more manageable.  I have household cleaning, paperwork, and other weekly tasks assigned to different days.  I also keep the goals section for items that might take a few weeks to get done.  If I have free time, I pick one.  Otherwise, when they become urgent, I’ll assign them to a day of the week.  But that way, it keeps them on my mind, without making me feel guilty for not getting them done.

Week Plan And GoalsHere’s a copy of the calendar I made:


There are still days where I don’t get everything finished.  But now I have my week broken down, and it feels manageable.  Because there’s just something so rewarding about checking off your list.

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