When Life Is Unpredictable

When Life Is Unpredictable:  a couple, each widowed in their twenties, deal with suffering and find love again Earlier this year, my husband Ben met a man named Jordan Rice.  They crossed paths in NYC where Jordan and his new wife Jessica live.  For Jordan and Jessica, life has looked a lot different than either of them expected.

Jessica lost her husband in a motorcycle crash just months into their marriage.

Jordan’s wife passed away from cancer before their second anniversary.


These two each have incredible stories that now blend into one.  It’s a story that celebrates hope, embraces love, and admits the reality of suffering in our lives.  Here’s the video they played at their wedding in June 2013.

Jessica has a blog called One day at a time, detailing her journey as a young window.  Her posts are incredible.  If you or someone you know is dealing with grief, this may be the perfect resource while working through the grieving process.  It’s easy to get lost in her candid and honest style of writing, and she communicates in a very touching and inspiring way.  So, I’m giving you fair warning – it’s emotional – grab the tissues.

Jordan also has a personal blog.  Earlier this year, he posted an excellent article about suffering and it’s place in our life.  Here’s a short excerpt:

Your decisions, conversations, fears, pursuits, ambitions, friends, relationships and everything else that fills your life are mostly aimed at making you happy. But suffering doesn’t make you happy…at all. So when things go wrong, you’ll immediately (as I did) dismiss the suffering as something out of place, something that we want over as quickly as possible so that we can return to our pursuit of happiness, what we think is our purpose. That my friends, is a waste. God uses our pain as a part of His plan, and nothing in His hands goes to waste.

Read the rest of A Look Back, Two Years Later at jordanlrice.com

Jordan’s statement captures a sincere and authentic perspective that comes this side of loss.  And when you hear about their lives now, this journey through suffering becomes even more meaningful.  Tremendous pain is a part of their past, but it brings wisdom that influences their future.  Currently, Jordan and Jessica are in the start up process of planting a new church in New York City.  That’s how Ben and Jordan met  – through an organization called Orchard Group.  If you’re interested in hearing more, you can watch Jordan’s story and hear about their work in Harlem or read more about this project on Orchard Group’s website.

As you can tell from this post, their story is finding impact all over the internet, and an incredible story worth sharing.  Their story, so impacting it made headlines on multiple news sites, can be read on ABC’s website here.

Special thanks to the Rices for sharing their story and example!

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