Thank you to the incredible women who have been willing to share their stories about married life!  I love learning from other women’s experiences, and and grateful for them sharing with Real Married Life readers.  We have so much to learn from others and their wisdom from their years as a spouse.

Debbie and GregSame Marriage, Second Chance:

Debbie shares about her marriage’s recovery from an affair and lessons learned to build a lasting love.


Loving Again:  Marriage lessons from a widow in her twenties who found love again.Loving Again:

Heather, widowed in her early 20’s, found love and marriage again.  She and Dustyn learned about building a deep and powerful love together.


When Life Is Unpredictable:  a couple, each widowed in their twenties, deal with suffering and find love again When Life Is Unpredictable:

Jordan and Jessica Rice, a widow and widower, met and experienced a new story for their lives – together.  Their example is reaching thousands as they overcome grief and change the world together.

Family shares advice on getting through the holidaysGet Through the Holidays with Your Sanity Intact:

Sara shares what she and her husband have found to navigate the holiday season with three boys, in-laws, and numerous celebrations, keeping their marriage a priority.


Interview with Katie:  insights on the first year of marriage, overcoming difficulty, and surviving cancer.  realmarriedlife.comTheir First Year:

Katie reflects on her first year as a wife to her husband Matt.  Though it went nothing like expected after moving across the country and battling cancer, they learned lessons to teach all of us.

Interview with Carissa:  The Beauty of Marriage | realmarriedlife.comCarissa + Travis:  The Beauty of Marriage:

Lessons learned from a new bride and how practicing kindness can change a relationship.

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