In-Law Round Up

It’s almost February, so the new year is in full swing!  It’s so nice that the holidays are over and life can go back to a normal schedule.  Big sigh of relief for everyone!  As far as our holiday season goes, we missed traveling to our relatives because we were traveling overseas during the break.  We took a ten day trip to Israel together, and it was an amazing experience to share together!

Israel Trip realmarriedlife.comHowever, it’s great to be back and start 2014 with all that it will bring.  After making it through the holiday season, I’m sure many of you have in-laws on the mind.  Making it through November and December comes with lots of time spent with relatives.  These are special family ties that take work, just as any relationship does.  We have been blessed with great in-laws, but I know plenty of others who struggle in this area.  I once heard a marriage counselor share a great piece of advice:

When you marry, you and your spouse become family.  You are the family.  Family is redefined to the two of you (and children that may come).  So what do we call everyone else. . .Your mom, dad, siblings?  My family and your family?  No.  They are now your relatives.  Sometimes semantics can make all the difference.  Family vs. relatives.  Clear thinking can lead to clear actions.

And with clear thinking, great relationships are possible. This week is a link round up of the best advice I’ve found on the web for enjoying your extended family!

Links to great resources for getting along with your relatives from

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