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Thanksgiving Idea and a reflection on thankfulness from realmarriedlife.comIn our living room sits an over-sized pink chair.  I like to think of it as red.  Maybe that’s because it helps me think of it as a piece fitting with our decor. . . rather than the old, college dorm, hand-me-down pink chair it actually is.  With a newborn, I spend plenty of time there these days.  To keep the days and nights from blending together, I move my camp from a grey chair in the nursery at night to the pink (“red”) chair during the day.  I spend several hours in that old chair every day. Even though more of those hours are spent learning about home renovations and contemporary furniture on HGTV than I would care to admit, for the most part my time in the pink chair is anything but exciting.  The days can be long, I can feel discontent, and the demands of life can get me down.

But on our living room wall, directly across from that old red/pink chair, is a banner.  We hung this banner, which I’ve been looking at and pondering for the last several minutes, to help us celebrate Thanksgiving.  Across the top, the title reads, “We Are Thankful.”

Thankfulness wall idea |Article from realmarriedlife about what the treasures really are

In the last few years, we’ve worked on how our family will celebrate holidays.  We really want our traditions and family activities to focus us on what’s important, avoid materialism, teach and train our kids, and celebrate our faith.  I’m sure you and your spouse probably have similar goals.  We are always brainstorming ways to achieve this – so this was our idea for Thanksgiving.

For the month of November, we will fill this “Thankful Wall.”  We also want to invite anyone coming into our home to share the experience!  I’m looking forward to the years when our kids are older and can invite their friends and our guests to pick up a crayon and add to our list of blessings.  On Thanksgiving Day, we can reflect over our list.  It’s a pretty simple piece of brown paper I cut from a roll I picked up at Dollar Tree.  Nothing special.  It’s hanging in a place for us to see everyday:  first thing when we come home . . .and directly across from the chair I camp out in all day long.

On those days when I feel down, the thankful wall is there to remind me of all of life’s blessings.  There are lists of special memories, simple pleasures, and other things that bring joy to our life.  But the best are the people:  the ones we love and those who love us.  There are so many treasures listed on that wall, and it’s been a great reminder to me in the midst of the mundane.  As I spend long days in our beat up pink chair, caring for our daughter and passing the time, I’m met with a challenge to remember what the real treasures are.

And I realize just how thankful I am for my time in the pink chair.

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  1. Sweet post, Jo. The days of early motherhood can seem so very long and tedious but sooner than you know you will look back and wistfully wonder where they all went. Being on the other side of motherhood from you perhaps this post will be an encouragement to you.

    I LOVE your idea of a Thankful Wall…Michael and I are looking to start some new Thanksgiving traditions and this may just be one of them.

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