How to Create a His and Her Bedroom

Creating a His & Hers Bedroom:  tips to decorate your bedroom for both of you.  There’s something you should keep in mind when you are decorating. . . Your husband doesn’t want to sleep in a little girl’s bedroom.

It may seem like you care more about the decor than he does.  However, there’s something special I have to keep in mind when it comes to the bedroom. It’s not my bedroom.  It’s OUR bedroom. And too many times, the guy is forced to make his bed in a room he just plain doesn’t like.

I really love the combination of purple and gray.  Ben really doesn’t.  So when it came to decorating our bedroom, it was out.  Hopefully someday, I will have the cutest purple and gray nursery.  Themed with baby elephants.  But guess what?  We BOTH love navy, cobalt, and white.  So that’s our bedroom.  Something we both love instead of something that my husband would learn to tolerate.

Tips for creating an “us” bedroom:

  • Get his input and give him some veto power.  Save colors or patterns that you can’t agree on for the guest room or only as accent colors.
  • No photos of family, especially not your parents!
  • Buy a king size comforter for a queen size bed.  There’s room for both of you to hog the blankets.
  • Rid the room of unnecessary clutter or distractions.  Maybe even your TV.
  • Display things that create and encourage romance.
  • Have something that inspires you on your journey to be a great spouse.  Maybe a photo, quote, card from your wedding, framed love letter…

Ben’s parents (my in-laws) recently redecorated their bedroom.  The results are great, especially because his mom worked hard to make it a space that they BOTH love.  Charlie and Jacqui now have a beautiful, themed space where they can relax and connect.

I used to feel that decorating the house was my job, my choice. It always seemed that Charlie didn’t really offer an opinion so I did it my way.  When it came time to redo our bedroom I wanted it to be a romantic and sexy space that inspired and pleased us both.

My favorite color is dark red and his is navy blue. We shopped for a bedspread that had both of those colors combined. We stayed away from flowers–too girly. We stayed away from hard graphics like plaid–too boys’ dorm. We found our inspiration in one that looked like a Persian rug.

Creating a His & Hers bedroom: tips to redo a space for both of you to enjoy and find relaxing.  realmarriedlife.comI repurposed items from around my house that fit our theme, as well as shopping secondhand and thrift stores. Anything that didn’t match got a quick coat of gold spray paint. I found the idea to use Semi-gloss paint over flat paint of the same color to create a pretty yet subtle pattern on one accent wall. I bought all of my candles on sale at Christmas time because they were ornate red and gold which went perfectly with our room. Over the bed I attached sheer curtains to the ceiling and draped them to the bedposts. Concealed inside the curtains are inexpensive Christmas lights. No pictures of family are in our room because it’s just for us. The best part is that Charlie appreciates that I considered him in the design and that I have made it very easy for him to create a sexy, candle lit haven for us when he’s feeling romantic.

Have fun designing your bedroom for both of you!  Remember to be patient as you compromise on style and search for a makeover within your budget.  The goal is to create a room that you both love to spend time in relaxing, reconnecting, and rejoicing in your marriage.

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  1. Thanks again, Jacqui and Charlie for spotlighting your room! The finished room looks great and accomplishes your goal.

  2. Jo, I loved the input you had to give! So much that I had to ask Derrick to make sure he truly enjoyed our bedroom decor. And I have succeeded… Whew! Curious is your alls comforter a king on a queen size bed?! It doesn’t look too big, but I was curious if it would?

    • Jo Cross says:

      Alyssa, that is so great to hear! We love our king size. Most of the extra is on the sides. It hangs over further, but doesn’t look bulky. There’s so much more comforter to share!

  3. The room really looks great! Love the color combination! :)

    Visiting you from the Happy Wives Club Link Up.

  4. Great tips! Our bedroom definitely tilts more masculine but that’s a style I also like so it works beautifully. My favorite color is sage green so we make sure that was the accent color. We did it as a team and we both love it the same.

    • Fawn, so glad you enjoyed the tips. Glad to hear about another couple’s success in creating a bedroom for both. Thanks for your comment and thanks for your resources at HWC!

  5. Hi Jo, Stopping in from Messy Marriage. Very good advice. My husband have very different tastes when it comes to color. I love lots of it, he is very neutral. It was important to agree in the bedroom. When we built our home I thought we would come unglued right there in Lowes picking out paint colors. I had a vision and he was NOT seeing it. We had to walk away several times.
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  6. Yes, this is so important. I painted our master bedroom a light shade of yellow years ago and it wasn’t my husband’s favorite color. He was gracious enough to live with it until we could justify repainting and I took his tastes into consideration that time. I’m so glad I did! Thanks for this reminder and the decorating tips too, Jo!
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  7. These are good points to remember…. thank you. :)
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  8. Great tips to remember. The bedroom is usually the last place to decorate, but it’s an important space to keep nice and relaxing. Thanks for linking up to What You Wish Wednesday.
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