Are You Paying Attention?

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Are You Paying Attention?  What my bad habits with technology were communicating to my spouseA few weeks back, Ben and I were spending time together one evening.  He wasn’t talking to me, and had started watching ESPN on the tablet.  I thought we were trying to enjoy being together, so I was a little upset that a basketball game had made an entrance into our evening.  So I asked Ben, “Is everything alright?  Are you doing okay?  Are we okay?” 

To which he replied [Read more…]

Favorite Things for a Newborn

Must Have Items for a Newborn:  My favorite baby thingsEven though we’re still very new parents (right at 3 months), I would love to share my favorite newborn baby items – a few unconventional.  These would make great Christmas presents if you need ideas!

Here are the top 20 things I recommend.  However, don’t make this one more thing to feel guilty about!  You’re actually not allowed to read the list unless you read my letter to new moms.  But once you do, this list may be helpful.  I know I run the risk of being more advice to confuse you, but I also want to pass along these because without someone telling me about them, I would never have known! [Read more…]

Marriage Tips After 19 Kids

Duggar Family Marriage LessonsRecently, Ben and I have been watching seasons of 19 Kids and Counting.  I love that family!  They are so different from other families in such a uniquely strange and attractive way.  In the way the treat each other, deal with difficult decisions, keep purity as a family goal, and the loving climate of their home, they are a family worth learning from.  It’s rare today for families to enjoy each other that much and have parents still in love and committed to each other.

What we have watched from this wonderful family has inspired our marriage and the way we want our home to feel.  I think the biggest take-aways deal with the emotional climate and environment of what a home can look like.   [Read more…]

Marriage E-Book

I stubbled across the writings of Tyler Ward after reading his marriage article featured on Relevant Magazine’s site.  The title is “3 Things I Wish I Knew Before We Got Married.”  The article is worth reading, but I would recommend a step further – the full (free!) e-book available on his site.

It’s called Rethink Marriage.  The book is a great resource for marriages, young and old.  He challenges our views of marriage’s perks and purposes, and backs it up with results from a social experiment conducted in his own home.  I think you’ll find it insightful for your view of marriage.

REthink Marriage Link

The book is free, available for download on his site,  You will need to sign up for his newsletter, which I only get every few weeks and love the blurbs about latest posts.  Follow this link for the book.

Check it out!