Buying A House – Part One

Starting place for first-time homebuyers.  Tips for starting the processWe are in the process of closing on our first home!  It’s been a journey of lots of research and loads of paperwork, but we are less than two weeks away from becoming homeowners!

The two things I’m most excited about:  having a garden and our own washer and dryer.  It’s been almost three years of coin laundry (plus the four years before of doing laundry in my college dorm), and I can’t believe how excited I am about that laundry room.

Throughout the process, we have learned [Read more…]

Resources for Affordable Getaways

Resources for Married Getaways :  tips and websites to make a weekend with your spouse specialMarried couples need the chance to get away periodically.  Whether a weekend together, babymoon, or celebrating your anniversary, it doesn’t have to be stressful.  In part one, I mentioned a formula for quality time, including one weekend per season (if possible).  Find what works for you . . .Maybe a nice trip for your anniversary, a hotel weekend during your busiest season, and one or two special quality time weekends at home.

Typically, the biggest expenses are travel, lodging, and food.  There are easy ways to cut the price of all three!   [Read more…]

Resources for Affordable Date Nights

Budget Date Night Resources:  Ideas for at-home dates, saving money, and budget-friendly fun

In my last post, I talked about the importance of regularly scheduling quality time with your spouse.  No, we don’t always follow the formula.  We really want to, but unfortunately it can’t always happen.  But one of the excuses I never want to believe is thinking we don’t have enough money to make it work that often.  Here are ideas and resources for making a weekly date night affordable (or free!).  Also check out the Dates page on Real Married Life for other ideas [Read more…]

Financial Basics: Where Do We Start?

Advice from a financial advisor about getting your financial plan started.  Includes budget tools.This week I have a great guest article on an introduction to finances.  This article is from an anonymous contributor who is a Financial Advisor with great wisdom for couples to find a starting place in their financial plan.

I’m pleased to share this article about finances, why it’s important, and where to start [Read more…]

How You Can Help Your Credit Score

What You Should Know About Your Credit Score: Easy steps to raise your credit score and keep it from costing you money.  Article series from realmarriedlife.comYou know the weight of your credit score.  You have some good knowledge about what it means, so now you are ready to take action and help your credit score!  What to do first?

1. Review Your Credit Report

In Part One of this series, I shared how to get your report.  Now make sure everything is correct!  In an interview with Jeff Rose, Philip Tirone states that 80% of Americans have an error on their credit report.  That’s why it’s important to monitor these things.  I hear it’s not uncommon for card companies to [Read more…]

What You Should Know About Your Credit Score

What You Should Know About Your Credit Score:  Easy steps to raise your credit score and keep it from costing you money.  Article series from

Meaning of Credit Score

How do you get a credit score? The piechart breaks down the scoring areas, but I like to picture it a little differently.

Credit bureaus want to see that you’re responsible when you have access to lots of money.  So even if you are REALLY responsible, but have one credit card with a small limit, your score won’t be at its full potential.  You need to have access to lots of money (3-5 cards are recommended, avoid department store cards), then prove you are not a risk! [Read more…]