The Divorce Rate and Reality

New study can bring hope and encouragement to your marriageMost of us know the sobering statistic that about half of all marriages end in divorce.  For many church goers, they also know that the divorce rate is the same outside the church as in the church.

But I came across some research this week that discovered something very different (and really important): those statistics are NOT TRUE.  They aren’t the correct, accurate picture of what’s going on in marriage!  That’s good news for couples facing [Read more…]

Is Venting Helpful? – Marriage Myths

The junk food of relationships.  Venting is more dangerous than you think!  realmarriedlife.comI used to think venting helped reduce the weight of a problem.  Sometimes you just need to blow off some steam, right?  Nobody should expect me to be courteous all of the time.  I need to complain behind their back so I don’t end up doing it to their face.

Then I realized that when I vented or complained about someone, it changed the way I interacted with them.  If I spent time griping or “blowing off steam” about someone, I always ended up treating them worse when I was around them later. Less respect, less patience, less love. . .  The very thing I thought could help drove a wedge between us.  I wasn’t actually dealing with the problem.  Instead I was focusing on [Read more…]

How Stereotypes Can Cripple Your Marriage

Gender Stereotypes and how they can cripple your marriageIf you haven’t figured it out yet, men and women are different.

My whole life I heard the male/female stereotypes.  Men are from mars, women are from venus.  Men are like waffles, women are like spaghetti.  Some differences are useful for a good laugh.  Like ones about driving.  Or [Read more…]

Marriage Methods That Fail

Marriage Myth:  Find success in your marriage by differentiating between methods and principles.  Learn to solve problems together by figuring out how to apply marriage principles.

Maybe you’re reading a marriage book by a couple who successfully navigated the bumpy road of conflict.  You follow step-by-step what they did, but it doesn’t solve your marital problems.

Or your friend gives you suggestions about what do in your free time with your spouse, but their idea of hiking outdoors makes you dread the weekend.

Well friends, you just came across another marriage myth. This is it:  contrary to what we think sometimes [Read more…]