To-Do List Monsters and Reality

Create a manageable week-at-a-glance plan instead of impossible to-dosI like being organized.  Okay, I love it.  I love being organized.  And I’m also pretty forgetful.  Therefore, keeping a to-do list is non-negotiable for me.  I have to know what’s going on, and I need to have something to keep me on track.

I kept a long running legal pad of my daily to-dos.  It was wonderful:  making the long list, checking it off, filling a page, then scratching out every last thing.

Except it seldom worked. [Read more…]

Organize Your Home Office

Organize Your Home Office:  take care of clutter and create a system that works best for you. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to run your marriage like a business.  There’s paperwork to be filed, mail to be opened, bills to be paid. . . It can become pretty overwhelming or cause lots of tension.  Many marriages are combinations of one spender and one saver, and when it comes to paperwork there’s a ‘pitcher’ and a ‘stasher’.  How can you work together as best friends instead of business partners?  Even if only one of you pays the bills or takes care of the mail, it’s important to have an organizational system that both of you understand and can use so that [Read more…]

DIY Anniversary Memory Jar

DIY Anniversary Memory Jar:  make and KEEP your memories from each year of marriage.  Includes instructions for tinting glass jars.  Idea from realmarriedlife.comEvery year of marriage brings lots of great memories and opportunities.  Chances are, you only recall a few.  So each year, your anniversary is a great time to remember all that the past year brought you as a couple!

Never forget a memory by creating an anniversary jar!  I keep pieces of paper handy, and anytime something happens that we want to remember, [Read more…]