Couch Time

So after several months away, I’m happy to say I’ve changed so many of my expectations for the better!  Life is full of joy and peace – even when things aren’t perfect.  As you can tell, one expectation I let go a long time ago is weekly blogging!

But I have something quick to share that Ben and I are trying to implement lately.  It’s couch time – an idea we [Read more…]

The Year of Thrive

Want to know one of my biggest pet-peeves?  Having to reset my username or password.  And it’s been so long since I’ve been on my blog I forgot both!

So here I am, many months later… Welcome to 2016, my year of THRIVE.  It’s my word for the year, and it’s been fitting.  No, it hasn’t been a particularly easy year.  But it’s been an incredible journey of coming alive, changing my expectations, and finding out what is really important.  I really am thriving!  I feel like I have so much to write about, but my time is so limited!

This year, I’ve really focused on [Read more…]

The Right Fight

The Right Fight - how the armor of God impacts our marriageBen and I are fighting.  The last several months, it’s gone to a new level.

While God is healing me – soul and spirit – we feel a constant strain and struggle.  But the enemy isn’t one another.

I wrote about lessons God has taught me over the past couple of years.  But I also wanted to share what our specific spiritual journey has been lately.  God has pulled us up from the pit and restored us, but it hasn’t been easy.  We are learning to [Read more…]

Moving Mountains: Reflections on 2014 & 2015

Moving Mountains: Reflections on life's trials from realmarriedlife.comIt’s been a couple of tough years. 2014 and 2015 feel like a blurry fog.  Pregnancy was extremely difficult – I’d say that’s when things got tough.  And then when our daughter was born, I started experienced struggles in every area:  with her health, depression, anxiety, anger, paranoia, marriage, spiritual struggles.  Our incredible and relatively “charmed life” turned into one I didn’t feel like living most days.  It was as if there were mountains in front of me that wouldn’t move.

But over [Read more…]

Real Pregnant Life

Pregnancy lessons and confessions | realmarriedlife.comTwo years ago, I spent the afternoon on Valentine’s weekend watching sitcoms with Ben – from a hospital bed.  I was pregnant and so sick I couldn’t keep water down. That was my first of a few ER trips for hyperemesis gravidarum.  I continue to get sick until 30 weeks, and I was nauseous every single day.  I would say that marked the start of a really tough journey for me.  Yes, there was [Read more…]

When The Wind Blows…

When the Wind Blows... Putting down roots in your marriage during hard times. realmarriedlife.comMarriage.  It’s different than I thought it would be.  It’s way better than I expected!  But in a way that is more full and rich – certainly not easier or less work.  Marriage can be hard.

Somehow in my early 20s, I pictured marriage as a lifelong slumber party. Fun with your best friend always by your side. It can be at times, but let’s face it [Read more…]