Anticipation is Half the Fun

Countdown Printable from Anticipation is Half the Fun!We scrambled to pack the car and pulled away from home sure we’d left something behind.  The day of our getaway finally came, and we didn’t even feel that excited about it!  Our relaxing idea for a short getaway was ruined because the pace of our lives kept us too preoccupied to anticipate the coming weekend.  There has to be a better way to start our time together.

Too often, we plan a trip then get sucked in by life.  When we look at the calendar, it’s shocking to find, “Oh that’s next week?!”  Instead of looking forward to our getaway/date/vacation together, we go into crisis mode trying to get everything ready.


We came up with a plan to fix this – and get the most joy and excitement out of our time together as possible.  As they say, anticipation is half the fun!

Start a Countdown

Blue and Grey Countdown Printable: keep track of how many more days until something special to anticipate.  realmarriedlife.comI framed a printable that we put by the mirror to change the days for anything we have to look forward to.  Sometimes it’s a date night, sometimes it’s a trip to the zoo, sometimes it’s a weekend away.  Small or large, add to the joy by creating excitement with a countdown!  You can download an app for this or use my countdown printable.


Create Reminders

Give your spouse a note about how excited you are with a photo of your destination tucked inside, or post some pictures on your bedroom wall.  Send each other texts with photos or notes about how close it is getting. Find any way you can to remind each other about how much fun you will have being together.

Block Off Time to Plan

Make an event out of it!  Start a pot of coffee Saturday morning and cuddle up to make a packing list.  Go out to dinner with the agenda of planning the details or dreaming about your trip.  Spend time picking out your clothes together a few days before you go on a date.  Stretch out the fun (and potentially stressful planning) as long as you can.

When you find ways to look forward to your time together, not only does is reduce the stress, but it adds to the enjoyment.  Remember, anticipation is half the fun!


  1. […] Ben and I often take breaks at home or go out together, but it’s not the same to stop for dinner after running errands or spending your day at home cleaning the house.  We’ve really been challenged by this “formula” for making the best of our time on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.  If we don’t take charge of our calendar, an entire month can get filled without some planned quality time.  When we do put it on the calendar, we have the security of blocked off time to look forward to (Anticipation is Half the Fun!). […]

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