DIY Anniversary Memory Jar

DIY Anniversary Memory Jar:  make and KEEP your memories from each year of marriage.  Includes instructions for tinting glass jars.  Idea from realmarriedlife.comEvery year of marriage brings lots of great memories and opportunities.  Chances are, you only recall a few.  So each year, your anniversary is a great time to remember all that the past year brought you as a couple!

Never forget a memory by creating an anniversary jar!  I keep pieces of paper handy, and anytime something happens that we want to remember, we write it down and toss it in the jar. Bring the jar with you for your anniversary celebration.  We brought ours along on our anniversary trip and spent one afternoon watching our wedding video, looking at our pictures, and reading through that year of marriage memories archived in the jar.

We loved remembering the special trips we took or hysterical things we laughed about that past year.  There were so many treasured experiences that we had completely forgotten by the end of the year.

Keep the jar in a prominent place with paper already cut to size.  Make it accessible so you will use it often!  After celebrating your anniversary, you could archive each year a few different ways.  Maybe have a shelf in your room where you keep a new jar for every year…  Or take the papers and fill a scrapbook…  Or start a gallery wall with a framed collage for each year!

DIY Anniversary Memory Jar:  create and keep memories from each year of marriage.  Includes instructions for tinting glass jars.  Idea from realmarriedlife.comDIY Translucent Tinted Jar

  • Preheat your oven to a very low setting. Mine was done at 170 degrees, the standard oven’s lowest possible temperature.
  • Mix a color tint using equal parts glue and water.  Plain Elmer’s works – expensive gluelike products are unnecessary.  Make 1 cup per jar.  
  • Add LOTS of food coloring.  You want it a couple of shades darker than the desired end color.
  • Swirl the tint around the inside the jar, then place it UPSIDE DOWN on a foil-lined baking pan.  Let it sit for a few minutes, then bake it upside down on fresh foil.  While the glue will run out of the jar, you get a beautiful and even coat.  My jar has some drips because I decided to flip it halfway through baking – now you know what will happen.
  • Bake the jar until the tint is dry.  It should be translucent.  15-20 minutes.
  • Repeat, swirling and baking coats until you get the color you want.  My jar has 3 coats.

Comment with your idea for anniversary memories!

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