12 Months of Dates – Year Two of Date Night Envelopes

Christmas Gift of date envelopes:  12 months of date ideas for your spouseLast year, I shared a gift idea for your spouse you can use all year long – 12 envelopes with date ideas, coupons, and gift cards prepared for a year of dates.  Read the ideas from year one here.

To help you out this year, I have another list of 12 dates that we planned!  This is a great Christmas present that will come in handy the rest of the year.  I tried to balance costly dates with stay-at-home evenings.  Enjoy!

January – Bookstore Challenge Date

This one is great for January!  Perfect timing for after the holidays when cabin fever sets in, but money may be tight.  Follow this link for printable instructions on the Dating Divas website.

February – Sleepover

This is a pajama party for just you two.  Watch movies til late in the living room on an air mattress for something different.  The next morning, fix frozen waffles for no dishes!  With extra strawberries and Nutella, please.

March – Arcade Games

Visit the bowling alley, or Chucky Cheese…or Gatti’s Pizza… I just say bowling alley arcades because they typically aren’t as busy.  Can I admit that some of the best fun we have had together was playing ski ball?  And where else can you spend $20 for a bouncy ball and tootsie rolls?  Money well spent to enjoy being kids together.

April – At home tea party

It’s fun to set a pretty table – maybe even outside! – and enjoy a leisurely conversation together.  You may even want to go out for tea at a parlor or cafe.  My only caution is to keep your husband in mind when you plan the menu – tea party food can be notorious for being girly.

May – Photograph safari

I made a list of places around town with special memories, then gave Ben a clue at each stop for the next one.  Depending on how much time you have, you can add activity stops for a movie or dinner.  We stopped at our favorite ice cream place, and our safari ended at a park for a picnic.

June – Go to Italy

All things Italian – Pasta for dinner, then gelato and an Italian themed movie at home.  (The Italian Job or Roman Holiday were our picks).

July – Romantic Reminiscing

On our anniversary, we enjoy looking through all the memories:  watching the video, looking at the album, and reading through our anniversary jar (read this post about starting your own tradition).   But we love to reminisce at other times too!  This date, go out to coffee and take along a box of old box of love notes to read to each other again.

August – Batting Cages

September – Downtown Dinner

I planned this date to eat at Gordon Bierch, a restaurant we like in downtown Louisville.  It has a fireplace in the outdoor eating area that I thought would be perfect to enjoy a late summer evening.  This date still hasn’t happened, but it’s on our list for later!

October – Brown County, IN

The night before, I just told Ben to set his alarm for 5:30am, get the coffee ready, and hop in the car.  It was so fun to surprise him (and it’s okay because he’s a morning person)!  The date took us to Brown County, a place near Louisville with little shops and candy stores.  But the best part is the drive in the autumn.  If you’re not near someplace like this, simply go for a drive or picnic at the park to see the changing fall colors.  It’s the last chance for an outdoor date for the year!

November – Fondue night

You could go out to Melting Pot for dessert only, or just prepare your own at home with strawberries, bananas, rice crispy treats, and graham crackers.  I also found this cute (and intimate) idea on the Dating Divas site.  Print off the trivia cards and include them in the date envelope.

December – Bucket lists

This date is a special one we like to do every once in a while.  We each make a bucket list of our life goals and adventures we want, then take turns reading them.  We talk about how we can save for each goal or try to make it possible at some point.  Diving with great white sharks is on Ben’s list, so I’ll let you know when we figure that one out.  :)

For other ideas, check out the DATES page or Year One of Dates.


  1. Such a fun little date idea round-up for the year! I love how you remind your readers that dating is easy because it truly is! Thank you for including a link back to my intimate Strip Trivia post! xox

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