Replacing jealousy

jealousyThe other day, we were driving home and I was sitting in the back seat as usual, distracting Elliot and pulling her hands away from scratching, just praying we could make it home before an inevitable meltdown.  And we passed a crew of moms with jogging strollers. They looked like Barbie moms – walking their sweet babes around with flawless hair in coordinated workout attire enjoying the sunshine.  And I couldn’t help but compare my life with a glimpse of theirs.  [Read more…]

Necessary Replacements

Series from RMLI’m embarking on a new season of blogging for a short while.  It’s going to be tough.  And different from my norm.  It’s going to be completely from my personal life!  I really like posting about marriage tips and interviews on here, partially because it’s comfortable and uplifting.  (Which I will still continue – I have to finish up that Submission Series, even though summer is officially over!…better late than never.)  However, I’m trying something new,  I’m preparing to share my struggles and sins that I’m uncovering in this life phase.  I’m calling it Necessary Replacements…What I’m replacing in my life.

It’s for a few reasons, really… [Read more…]

Outward Submission, Inward Rebellion

Submission series from | Interviews, stories, and ways to enjoy your role as a wife.The Submission Series continues!  It is a privilege to share an incredible article with you from one of my dear friends and mentors, Darby.  I have spent many hours watching her parent, learning from her experiences, and enjoying her family.  She is a dedicated (and busy!) mom of five and marriage blogger.  She writes about her mistakes in an honest way and loves to help wives pray for their husbands. You can check out her blog and book at

You can read part two written by my sister about following when you are a natural leader.  And check out part one with 5 practical ways to submit from my friend Jenny.


Can you actually submit if your attitude is sour? Guest post from Darby Dugger

It is a rarity that we venture out to a restaurant with all five children, but feeling strangely courageous, we made plans to grab a quick meal out before heading to a church event. Despite the fact it would be a lot of work, I was very excited about the thought of someone else cooking going out for dinner! However, in typical Dugger fashion, we were running late. I despise feeling rushed, so in the stress of trying to leave the house on time, I suggested that we skip the dine-in experience. Jason still had confidence we still had plenty of time.

Can you actually submit if your attitude is sour? Guest post from Darby DuggerPulling out of the driveway, he stopped the car and asked if I would check the mail. Exasperated from watching the clock, I snapped, “Can’t we grab it when we come home?” Jason gently suggested that I shouldn’t be stressed. (I’m not sure if your husband has ever told you not to be so upset, but that is the last thing I want to hear in frustrating moments.) I mumbled a sarcastic, “Thanks for understanding,” under my breath as I slammed the car door and briskly made my way to the mailbox. After the mail was safely in our car, and the wheels were rolling, I became determined to give my husband the silent treatment for the rest of the evening.

At that moment, the Lord asked me to consider my attitude.

What was I trying to accomplish by giving my husband the silent treatment? Did he need to see that I was visibly upset?  Was I mad at Jason because we were running late or because he didn’t respond to my stress the way I had hoped?

As I pondered these questions, my only clear conclusion was that I couldn’t answer any of them. As often is the case, I wasn’t sure where my attitude came from nor could I identify the root of my hissy fit. Yet, there I sat: arms crossed, breathing heavy, glaring out the window in true toddler-temper-tantrum fashion. Even though I no longer felt justified in my attitude, I was content to keep my countenance sour.

My mind continued to rehash the situation, and it eventually led me to the touchy subject of submission. Is it an action or an attitude? I had submitted to Jason in action by checking the mail. However, my indigent I-blame-you-for-being-late attitude was far from honoring. And while I realize that this example is trite and silly, I have seen this same scenario played out with different details many times over the past decade of our marriage. Jason makes a decision or suggestion, I disagree, but instead of working through my emotions… I outwardly “go along” with his decision all the while my insides are rebelling and bitterness is growing.

Can I submit to my husband in a way that glorifies God if I’m simultaneously sulking about it?

The more I have pondered this question, the more I am certain the answer is no! It is not submission if I am sulking, pouting, casting blame, or any other embittered attitude. God tells us that he does not look at the outward appearance, but rather at the heart. If I’m outwardly submitting, but inwardly rebelling then the Lord sees what’s going on inside, and it matters to Him. If I want to please God and honor my husband, then I must first work on my heart: my pride, my will, and my attitude! After all, submission is not merely an action, but an attitude and a lifestyle! I don’t know about you, but I am confident that I will likely spend my whole life trying to master this Biblical concept.

What tips do you have for developing a better attitude while submitting?

Submitting When You Are A Natural Leader – Pt 2

Submission series from | Interviews, stories, and ways to enjoy your role as a wife.I have loved collecting stories about what it means to be a submissive wife this summer!  This is part two of the series.  Last time, Jenny gave 5 ways to submit to your husband that reflect the Biblical model.  This week, I’ve asked my older sister Ashley to share.  As adults we are great friends and love to spend time together!  But I still sing my sad song of growing up with a “bossy” older sister in charge of every game, activity, and birthday candle.  You middle children know what I’m talking about… :) She is extremely extroverted, a gifted communicator, and one of the strongest people I know!  And she is also a great wife.  But often I see wives with these strengths and personalities run over their husbands.  Sometimes unintentionally!  We don’t want to become shy with our gifts and ignore who we are, but we also want to be submissive.  This balance is tough for anyone to learn, but it can be even harder when we are natural leaders.  From the outside, it’s obvious that Ashley and Josh’s marriage employs each of their Biblical roles while still maintaining who they are as individuals.  Ashley may be a strong person, but my brother-in-law is definitely the head of their family!  So here’s some advice and stories my sister shares from the inside of their marriage… [Read more…]

5 Ways To Submit To Your Husband

This is a guest post from my friend Jenny in the Summer Submission Series, which I kicked off last week.  She blogs at, writing about relationships, parenting, and faith. In the past, she shared on Real Married Life about getting married at age 19.  Jenny and her husband Tyron live in England and have four kids.  She has some great advice for wives about how submission can bring peace to our homes and joy in our marriages!


5 Ways to Submit | realmarriedlife.comIt may come as a surprise to you to hear that the word ‘submit’ is a verb.  And verbs mean action.  We have to get ourselves into the action of submitting to our husbands, not just thinking it!  So to give you some really straight up practical ideas of what we can actually ‘do’ I’m going to share 5 ways to submit to your husband on a daily basis.

I am one of those people who always comes up with the perfect response, solution, answer about a day or two AFTER the [Read more…]

Introducing… The S Word

Submission series from | Interviews, stories, and ways to enjoy your role as a wife.I’m having a season of life where God is teaching me so many lessons. Often I find myself journaling, trying to extract the lessons I’m supposed to be learning in hopes I don’t miss them. My head is spinning most days trying to keep up with everything! It seems every aspect of my life is under painful refinement right now. My relationship with God. My eating and health habits. My identity issues. My relationships with family and friends. My role as a mom. And certainly my marriage. [Read more…]